How to use Heijunka Generator

How to use Heijunka Generator

Heijunka Generator

Description :

If You use Heijunka Post for Your production system in Your production line, it’s time for You to use “Heijunka Generator” to generate heijunka point for each type in Your Heijunka Post.
With this tool, distribution for each type can more leveling. Easy to use and simple

Features :
– Capacity 123 types
– Slot capacity is 120 slots in heijunka post

Screenshot :


Download  HERE

Using Heijunka Generator :

1 . Download Application, save it on your computer

2 . Open file, enable macro

3 . Fill form

  • Part Number
  • Quantity Kanban
  • Line No
  • Slot

4. Click Heijunka Start button

5. Check the result

Heijunka Generator



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