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09 January 2018
Ramkumar Macherla
Could you please explain me how to use the Standardized_Work_Analyze_Tool_VideoCapture_v5.0 sheet..? I have lot of question on how to use
24 August 2015
in swct , the waiting time ( F54) how you calculate it ? it always display = H2 cell
29 August 2014
Widy Harris
Pada saat pengamatan di lapangan kerja operator sangat cepat. Tool dengan video dapat menghindari kesalahan data saat observasi. Saya sudah coba beli yang pake video. amazing...sangat2 membantu. Terima kasih Pak Yaser, saya tunggu tool-tool lainnya.
31 July 2014
James Stacy
Will this work on a macbook with MS Office?
10 June 2014
Roy Mark
Thanks for the tool, it is very useful..