Karakuri Kaizen

Karakuri is mean mechanism,

Karakuri kaizen is how to make a improvement especially about ergonomi with a mechanism with less energy (no pneumatic, hydrolic, motor)

Karakuri kaizen which was first introduced by Japanese is system which is used to handle the materials using natural principles like gravitation force, centrifugal force, etc. It requires only initial investment cost and so plans were made to apply this system at the machine shop.

Here is one from Japan’s JMAC with multiple examples:

Such devices have long been used as part of TPS and Lean, but now we have a generic name for them. The principles of Karakuri Kaizen given at the end of this video are as follows:

  1. Don’t use the human hand. Move objects automatically.
  2. Don’t spend money.
  3. Use the force of your equipment.
  4. Build it with the wisdom and creativity of the people of the shop floor.
  5. For safety,  don’t just rely on paying attention but build a device that stops automatically.

Others sample of karakuri


3 Sheets of Standardized Work

There are 3  Sheets in standardized work :
1) Standardized work chart (SWC)
2) Standardized work combination table (SWCT)
3) Production capacity sheet (PCS)

Those 3 sheets is interlinked, when we will improve standardized work, so we must make 3 sheets to evaluate current condition before we make improvement. Continue Reading

Standardized Work

What is Standardized Work?

Standardized work is one of the most powerful but least used lean tools.
By documenting the current best practice, standardized work forms the
baseline for kaizen or continuous improvement. As the standard is
improved, the new standard becomes the baseline for further
improvements, and so on. Improving standardized work is a never-ending

In my training about Standardized Work, SW means :
Work is a tool to make quality products, based on operator movement,
that is arranged with appropriate sequence without MUDA (non added

Standardized Work’s spirit is a TOOL Continue Reading

Transfer Activation Standardized Work Analyze Tool

Transfer Activation Standardized Work Analyze Tool

If you have a licensed product and there is latest version in lean-tool.com, you can download latest version and transfer activation from your old program to latest version and you will get Full Version for the latest version.

Please Follow steps for transfer activation below :Open

1. Open both old version (licensed product) and latest version (trial version)

2. Open old version with full version status

3. Click Transfer Activation button in Menu

Transfer activation Continue Reading

Activate Heijunka Generator

Activate Heijunka Generator

By default, application has 30 days trial period, after trial period, please purchase license to get activation code and activate product for Full Version.

Please follow these steps to Activate Product :

  •  Open file and check Serial Number by clicking Activate button in main toolbar, write the license code that will be used when you purchase license

activcode heijunka

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How to use Heijunka Generator

How to use Heijunka Generator

Heijunka Generator

Description :

If You use Heijunka Post for Your production system in Your production line, it’s time for You to use “Heijunka Generator” to generate heijunka point for each type in Your Heijunka Post.
With this tool, distribution for each type can more leveling. Easy to use and simple

Features :
– Capacity 123 types
– Slot capacity is 120 slots in heijunka post

Screenshot :

Heijunka Continue Reading

How to use Stopwatch 100 Laps Cycle

How to use Stopwatch 100 Laps Cycle

Description :

Stopwatch 100 Laps Cycle is a tool to observe Cycle Time directly from Your Notebook / Netbook
With this tool, You can observe Cycle Time and make graph for the result automatically.
After finish observe cycle time You can save as the result and analyze the data.
Capacity for this stopwatch program is 100 laps.

Features :
– 100 Laps Stopwatch
– Control stopwatch with keyboard key (S for start/stop, R for Reset, C for write comment)
– Directly input in to Time Study Sheet Form and calculate max, min, average and fluctuation (baratsuki)
– Write comment if you found fluctuation for cause of fluctuation information
– Save as the result as new book (non macro file)
– Easy to use

Screenshot :


Download HERE

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Activation Standardized Work Combination Table Macro

Activate Standardized Work Combination Table Macro

If your activation period is expired, you can get New Activation code for free.

Please follow these steps to get new activation code :

1 .Check your current activation code

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